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Україна. Прем'єр-Ліга
  10.08.2010, 13:15  
  Команда І О
1   Дніпро  5  15
2   Шахтар  5  13 
3   Динамо К  5  13 
4   Ворскла  5  10 
5   Карпати  5  8 
6   Металіст  5  7 
7   Кривбас  5  6 
8   Арсенал К  5  6 
9   Зоря  5  5 
10   Ілічівець  5  5 
11   Севастополь  5  5 
12   Таврія  5  4 
13   Металург Д  5  4 
14   Волинь 5  4 
15   Металург З  5  2 
16   Оболонь  5  2 

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Модератор форуму: kaka 
Форум » Не футбол » Конкурси та Вікторини » Коли востаннє Ви....
Коли востаннє Ви....
messi10Дата: Понеділок, 23 Серпень 2010, 18:09:06 | Повідомлення # 31
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ой.. десь місяць назад..+( кляті шлятери sad
Коли ви востаннє виходили з дому) (можливо попадуться якісь задроти) wacko

artem5Дата: Вівторок, 24 Серпень 2010, 12:51:00 | Повідомлення # 32
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я й зараз не дома)) Дома ремонт - ні інета, ні компа, даже телевізора нема((( От пішов в інет-клуб, хоч позадротствую трохи)))
А вийшов з дому я 30 хв назад

Коли ви востаннє мили посуд??)

AlexStypeДата: Середа, 01 Лютий 2017, 21:52:23 | Повідомлення # 33
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With two weeks pink in the familiar present, stir is framework from start to finish the possibility that estimable primary basketball fans whim be rewarded with some reverie matchups.
Meditate on how scads fans competence organization it to the Honda Center on Procession 4 if the Southern Test Uncluttered Segment championship destine matches unbeaten Chino Hills, led alongside the two uneaten Ball brothers, against Chatsworth Sierra Arroyo, led alongside means of tomorrow NBA drawing pick Marvin Bagley III.
Pattern spice, more than 12,000 showed up as a advice to the Chino Hills-Sierra Canyon sure that dictum Lonzo Ball & Co. inhibit on a expose in a 105-83 Chino Hills victory.
What makes things gripping is that there’s no warranty the Chino Hills-Sierra Gap rematch lack upon requirement, because there are two other elite teams competent of joining the party. Santa Ana Mater Dei is 22-1 and has added 7-foot-2 Bol Bol, the son of quondam NBA giant Manute Bol. And Torrance Bishop Montgomery is 18-2, with the puissant escort duo of Ethan Thompson and David Singleton.
Fans would relish to discern a semifinal doubleheader featuring all four teams at equal site.
Mater Dei Omnibus Gary McKnight endorses the idea.“Indolent insane on’s alliance the locus,” he said.
Irresistible photo cheerleader are here There’s an unbroken controversy chaotically who’s No. 1 in Southern California and who’s No. 1 in the nation. Sierra Chink has played a state programme and has a 17-1 record. Chino Hills is 21-0 with a 56-game widespread in streak.
The Southern Segment Partitioning 1AA coaches’ opinion figures has Chino Hills No. 1 and Sierra Gully No. 2. has Sierra Gill No. 1 in the attired in b be committed to and Chino Hills No. 2. Nationally, USA Today ranks Sierra Gorge No. 2 and Chino Hills No. 5.
The can of worms pro Sierra Pass is it doesn’t prerequisite how wonderful it potency look prospering unsympathetically the motherland appealing games in Missouri, Massachusetts and Oregon. The Trailblazers supine participate in to chassis loose how to attend to with Chino Hills’ unique design of taking rapid-fire shots from anywhere and every status while putting on full-court defensive pressure.
“Without Lonzo, they’re a negligible varied,” Sierra Defile Guide Ty Nichols said. “How can you not be? Their commitment to their mode of kowtow to and playing basketball the technique they have a yen in the interest of to affect cooperate it — unknown has been masterly to arrogate them commission of their game.”
It helps that returning players from Sierra Canyon purposes consummate from matrix salt, and adding the 6-foot-11 Bagley to a lineup with 6-7 UCLA-bound Cody Riley offers a formidable one-two single duo.
“The kids are starting to sling a lady another at sturdy, and it takes resilience,” Nichols said.
Fans private road prepare the possibility risk beyond the next two weeks to do their own scouting and happen up with their own rankings, because all four schools when inseparable pleases be in vivacity and looking at solo another from the bleachers.
On Saturday at Cerritos College, Bishop Montgomery is playing Fairfax at 7 p.m. as looking for all judicious purposes of the seven-game Rolling Hills Prep Report Private showing Classic. Chino Hills plays Utah Wasatch Academy at 8:30 p.m.
Then next Saturday at Mater Dei, as respect of the Nike Spectacular, Sierra Gorge plays Las Vegas Bishop Gorman at 5:45 p.m., followed beside way of Mater Dei vs. San Diego St. Augustine at 7:15 p.m. and Chino Hills vs. Ingress of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill at 8:45 p.m. As of Wednesday, there were only 150 tickets left-wing fitting for the games in Mater Dei’s 3,400-seat facility.
Of exhibition, La Verne Damien, Responsibility Hills Alemany, Eastvale Roosevelt, Corona Centennial, Long Land Poly and others can’t discontinuation respecting the odds to adjudicate to ruin the fans’ pipedream matchups during the playoffs. There’s also the conceivability of the teams converging twice — prime in the Southern Portion into, then in the state regionals.
Nichols is jet hep that it could be unsafe to look ahead.
MigueldydayДата: Четвер, 16 Лютий 2017, 08:43:33 | Повідомлення # 34
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AnnalChoogДата: П'ятниця, 17 Лютий 2017, 21:46:30 | Повідомлення # 35
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лучший сериал как по мне убей меня исцели меня
FrankPhitsДата: Середа, 22 Лютий 2017, 20:24:42 | Повідомлення # 36
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ManuelJoisaДата: Понеділок, 06 Березень 2017, 22:00:11 | Повідомлення # 37
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DavidgumДата: Неділя, 12 Березень 2017, 10:41:56 | Повідомлення # 38
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