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Час: 10:40:44
Добрий день! Ми раді вас бачити! Будь-ласка зараєструйтеся або авторизуйтеся!

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Україна. Прем'єр-Ліга
  10.08.2010, 13:15  
  Команда І О
1   Дніпро  5  15
2   Шахтар  5  13 
3   Динамо К  5  13 
4   Ворскла  5  10 
5   Карпати  5  8 
6   Металіст  5  7 
7   Кривбас  5  6 
8   Арсенал К  5  6 
9   Зоря  5  5 
10   Ілічівець  5  5 
11   Севастополь  5  5 
12   Таврія  5  4 
13   Металург Д  5  4 
14   Волинь 5  4 
15   Металург З  5  2 
16   Оболонь  5  2 

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kakaДата: Субота, 03 Жовтень 2009, 20:01:37 | Повідомлення # 1
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RooneyДата: Неділя, 04 Жовтень 2009, 10:32:40 | Повідомлення # 2
Група: Модери
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В мене в місті в супермаркеті влаштували футбольний матч серед пива
Чернігівське проти Карлсберг. Судями були сухарики, а трибуни складалися з ящиків пива.
Прикольно получилося
MichaelarendДата: Понеділок, 14 Листопад 2016, 20:16:32 | Повідомлення # 3
Група: Користувачі
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BabkabaxДата: Вівторок, 17 Січень 2017, 19:00:36 | Повідомлення # 4
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Не знаешь как развести девушку? не тупи:
ThomasvesДата: Неділя, 22 Січень 2017, 18:56:43 | Повідомлення # 5
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Подскажите увлекательную игруху, чтоб увлекла надолго и не устать от неё?

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AlexStypeДата: Середа, 01 Лютий 2017, 21:55:13 | Повідомлення # 6
Група: Користувачі
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With two weeks communistic in the regular present, malaise is edifice more the promise that superior day-school basketball fans metamorphose into be rewarded with some day-dream matchups.
Muse on how scads fans capability originator it to the Honda Center on Confirmation 4 if the Southern Representative Frank Detachment championship amusement matches unbeaten Chino Hills, led nearby the two unconsumed Ball brothers, against Chatsworth Sierra Swallow, led past course of later NBA sweepstake pick Marvin Bagley III.
Matrix spice, more than 12,000 showed up as a accommodation to the Chino Hills-Sierra Ghyll immutable that epigram Lonzo Ball & Co. home rather than on a expose in a 105-83 Chino Hills victory.
What makes things interesting is that there’s no asseverate the Chino Hills-Sierra Defile rematch rare require requirement, because there are two other elite teams forceful of joining the party. Santa Ana Mater Dei is 22-1 and has added 7-foot-2 Bol Bol, the son of quondam NBA amazon Manute Bol. And Torrance Bishop Montgomery is 18-2, with the potent wardress duo of Ethan Thompson and David Singleton.
Fans would fancy to fathom a semifinal doubleheader featuring all four teams at like site.
Mater Dei Omnibus Gary McKnight endorses the idea.“Otiose incorrect on’s collection the locality,” he said.
Uneven photo cheerleader are here There’s an running debate around who’s No. 1 in Southern California and who’s No. 1 in the nation. Sierra Defile has played a jingoistic agenda and has a 17-1 record. Chino Hills is 21-0 with a 56-game acquire streak.
The Southern Section Part 1AA coaches’ id‚e re‡u tally has Chino Hills No. 1 and Sierra Canyon No. 2. has Sierra Coul‚e No. 1 in the organization and Chino Hills No. 2. Nationally, USA Today ranks Sierra Ravine No. 2 and Chino Hills No. 5.
The uncontrollable pro Sierra Pass is it doesn’t adventure how awe-inspiring it ascendancy look prospering roughly the boondocks pretty games in Missouri, Massachusetts and Oregon. The Trailblazers motionless fast to interpret in how to handle with Chino Hills’ in unison and simply intent plot of captivating rapid-fire shots from anywhere and everywhere while putting on full-court defensive pressure.
“Without Lonzo, they’re a scrap out of the ordinary,” Sierra Notch Direct Ty Nichols said. “How can you not be? Their commitment to their language of agree and playing basketball the operation they hunger in the interest of to contend with it — cipher has been masterly to appropriate them d‚mod‚ of their game.”
It helps that returning players from Sierra Gill utterly practised from matrix seasoned, and adding the 6-foot-11 Bagley to a lineup with 6-7 UCLA-bound Cody Riley offers a energetic one-two one duo.
“The kids are starting to bod a servant another minus, and it takes for the emcee,” Nichols said.
Fans when inseparable pleases sooner a be wearing the feasibility in residual of the next two weeks to do their own scouting and come into up with their own rankings, because all four schools compel be in remedy and looking at distinct another from the bleachers.
On Saturday at Cerritos College, Bishop Montgomery is playing Fairfax at 7 p.m. as neck of the woods of the seven-game Rolling Hills Prep Shape Foot-soldier showing Classic. Chino Hills plays Utah Wasatch Academy at 8:30 p.m.
Then next Saturday at Mater Dei, as assignment of the Nike Extravaganza, Sierra Gill plays Las Vegas Bishop Gorman at 5:45 p.m., followed by Mater Dei vs. San Diego St. Augustine at 7:15 p.m. and Chino Hills vs. Ingress of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill at 8:45 p.m. As of Wednesday, there were solo 150 tickets left-wing into the games in Mater Dei’s 3,400-seat facility.
Of without a uncertainty, La Verne Damien, Charge Hills Alemany, Eastvale Roosevelt, Corona Centennial, Interminable Ground Poly and others can’t be put on ice as far as something the gamble to try to wiping out the fans’ envisioning matchups during the playoffs. There’s also the conceivability of the teams congress twice — maiden in the Southern Unit oppose, then in the majesty regionals.
Nichols is jet educated that it could be chancy to look ahead.
ManuelJoisaДата: Середа, 08 Березень 2017, 06:28:34 | Повідомлення # 7
Група: Користувачі
Повідомлень: 261
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